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Multidisciplinary courses on Nano and Micro Systems for Biomedical applications


The faculty members in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department and collage of engineering are currently designing a new interdisciplinary program at the interface of micro-, bio-, nano-, and information technologies.  An essential part of our interdisciplinary program is to reorganize existing nano/micro technology courses and to develop new courses to provide a comprehensive training to the students in these highly interdisciplinary areas.  Currently, our new program consists of 5 core courses covering fundamental science, fabrication, device designs, and applications of micro and nano technology and is expected to further expand in the near future (please see department website for details). 


Course Title




Scientific aspects at the micro and nano scales.  Fundamentals of micro scale fluid mechanics: size effects; fabrication and diagnostic of micro fluidic systems.

Yitshak Zohar

Micro- and Nano- Fabrication techniques

Techniques for the design, assembly and manufacturing of conventional micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanodevices.  Laboratory sessions on micro and nano sensors fabrication.

Eniko Enikov

Micro and Nano Transducer Physics and Design

Design, physic and performance of micro transducers.  Applications of unique properties of micro and nano transducers for engineering and biological problems. 

Pak Kin Wong

BioMEMS Applications

Principle, design, and fabrication of BioMEMS devices in agricultural, biochemical, environmental, medical, and pharmaceutical applications

Joel Cuello, Mark Riley, Jeong-Yeol Yoon,

Micro Biomechanics

Fundamental of biomechanics.  Applications of micro and nano technology for biomechanics at the molecular and cellular level

Xiaoyi Wu


A ME455 Control System Design

New materials of micro and nano transducers and biosensors will be introduced into the senior level control design course, AME 455.  Developments of new experimental modules are also in progress. 


Guest Lecture in Biomechanics and Micro Biomechanics

Dr. Wong gives several guest lectures in the Biomechanical Engineering (AME 466/566) and Micro Bioengineering (AME 483/583) about Biomechanics in the molecular and cellular level.   Lecture notes can be download in the following links:

Lecture Notes



A ME300 Instrumentation Laboratory

New materials of micro and nano transducers and biosensors will be introduced into the junior level instrumentation course, AME 300.  Developments of new experimental modules are also in progress. 



    Student project– Negative damping systems



Student project – Cheerio effect



Student project – Self propelled boat






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To introduce the general public about the development of bio-nano-technologies, SBL will develop and maintain a web-based tutorial and exhibits.  Also a download area is also available for downloading SBL materials for education and classroom teaching purpose.



Equipment & Software

Overview of SBL equipment, facilities, and software will be available soon.




We are looking for talented undergraduates with a passion for research. Currently, we have a few projects available. If interested in joining our lab, please contact Dr. Wong with: your name, major, year, and resume.